A Word to the Wise


The Real Presence

Old sage spoke to six high-school children, attending a school graced with the name 'Catholic'.
Do you go to Sunday Mass every week? he asked them.
In between a murmur or two, sage realised that none probably do go. One lad said he
goes every second Sunday, so that's something.
Or is it?
What do you think about The Real Presence of Jesus in Communion; His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity? sage then asked them.
Here the response was better in so far as the boys and girls were a bit more outspoken. But not better, at all, as far as the answers were concerned.
It seemed to me, from their answers, not one of them believed in The Real Presence!!
When sage told me this, I was not that surprised, having some idea of the anti-Catholic attitudes in some 'Catholic' schools.
But then he added:
One lad said that The Real Presence has never been proven scientifically! 
I can say I was absolutely astounded. I was astonished.
This is the modernist attitude, sage continued. They declare (not in the public ear, of course) that The Church must never be in opposition to the findings of science.
What our schools must get back to, is real Catholic Doctrines, one of which is that science must conform to declared dogma.
So true, sage old fellow. Science will not accept miracles, especially the great Miracle of Christ's Resurrection, and so the real modernist does not accept this, either. They have all sorts of strange explanations, instead.
But miracles are proven every day.


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