A Word to the Wise


Old-hat Faith?

The old sage, in a discussion with a Priest for whom he has been praying, came away disappointed after a conversation with him.
I used to believe what you still believe in, in The Church! the Priest told sage!
What do you make of that? sage asked me.
You tell me, old sage.
Isn't Father saying that, as a young person, even possibly as a young Priest, that he believed all the things that we continue to believe in?
Yes, I would have to thing that. What else could he mean?
Indeed, sage nodded. But isn't he also saying that he no longer believes what we believe in, as Catholics and as The Church still teaches?
Yes. But maybe he believes in a different way.
Believe what in a different way? The physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ? In miracles? In Mary's permanent virginity? The infallibility of the Pope?

How is it possible
for him he believe the teachings
of The Church
in a different way?

Just trying to understand what the Priest is saying.
OK. If he believes what The Church teaches but in a different way, that means he doesn't believe in what The Church teaches.
Doesn't it?
I would suppose so.
So, if The Church teaches that black is black and white is white, but he says 'I believe that black is black and white is white,

but really, everything is grey'

that means he now believes in grey, not black and white.

He can't have it both ways!

There is a big difference between seeing teachings as clearly black and white, then in seeing them as grey.
Exactly, sage agreed.

If you see everything as grey,
then anything would be acceptable.

Exactly, he repeated.
But the Catholic Faith has always insisted that Her Faith never changes.
It is true that the Catholic Faith never changes, just as Truth never changes; just as Love never changes; but in so many churches, we find Priests preaching change upon change.
They no longer accept eternal Truth or eternal Love?
That is my conclusion, sage sadly noted.
Then what do they accept?
Social justice and socialism!
Sage, old mate, say more prayers for the world, please. We need it.


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