A Word to the Wise


Archdiocesan Synod and Local Students
The sage points to the local newspaper - the Sunshine Coast Daily (25th. April) - and the heading 'Students give input to church synod'.
Read this, he orders.
Sage specified one paragraph which reads - quoting a young person, Dominic Crisci, who is to represent this Parish at the Synod - :

I want to know how they're going to get
more young people to church -
I don't go much,
but it's incredibly boring.

(Now, the wonderful people who read Heartsare, will recall our story on the sage's recent problem when he tried to help young students from the local 'Catholic' high school in their lack of Catholic knowledge.)
A sad fact it is, he moans, but young people around this Archdiocese (and probably around the whole state) have been brought up COMPLETELY ignorant of The Faith.
What is going on in this Archdiocese?
implores sage.
You know as well as I do, sage. The old fashioned anti-Catholic modernists are still pulling the strings!
Yes. Yes. But what nonsense is this? The Archbishop, in the same article, 'has called on young people to take part in the forum'. Doesn't he know they are no longer taught The Catholic Faith in our 'Catholic' schools?
Sage, surely the Archbishop MUST know what his very own schools teach?
One presumes that is true. The Archbishop is not ignorant. He is not blind. And here he is, seeking their input into the future of the Archdiocese!
So, what are you saying, sage?
I can only suggest one thing. That is, that the bosses of this Archdiocese want as many uninformed people as possible to attend the synod, so that they can obtain the greatest possible number of modernist resolutions from the synod!
That is a heavy saying, old sage.
True, and my heart is wounded in saying it.
Mine too.
Real Catholic Hymns

At Sunday Mass my soul was lowly,
our Parish seems in decline.
But singing 'Sweet Sacrament Most Holy,
Sweet Sacrament Divine',
I was surprised, I was revived,
and joined those heartfelt vibrant voices -
an experience now rarely perceived
in these sterile places
we now call 'spaces'.

The old sage in his poet's heart, expresses a sad note about the modernists' attempted theft of our great Catholic hymns.
Sage makes it clear, however that
when they are reintroduced on those rare occasions, then everyone is enthralled as their hearts, as if in surprise, burst with that enthusiasm of old, for The Church and for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
I have noticed that.
When we sing good Catholic hymns a new vibrancy and command enters the
assembly space, and can be felt out in the gathering space and in the Tabernacle space - perhaps even in that space between pro-modernist's ears?


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