A Word to the Wise


'Catholic' Para-liturgy
The old sage used to reckon that nothing sickens him. But then he discovered in Brisbane, what might deceptively be called 'Catholic' para-liturgy.
And he was sickened.
This para-liturgy was not supposed to be a Holy Mass, sage explains, but it was supposed to be a Catholic service. Apparently organised for third year trainee nurses, a highlight of the 'service' was a procession which carried a weird offering - an artificial penis!
Sage, that is sick!
Indeed, but once I got over the initial shock, I thought what a horror it would be if that type of evil should get to our region. And then it dawned upon me that it already has.
I've heard of witchcraft groups in the region and there is evidence of satanic masses.
No, I speak of things closer to home. It occurs to me that moving the Holy Eucharist out of the church proper and into a little side room, might be worse then the artificial penis trick.
Do you think so?
The local abortions are certainly tragic and exceed that evil, too. In fact, sage extrapolates his own thinking, as I previously mentioned, removing the Holy Eucharist out of the church is much like abortion.
Life is taken out in both cases.
Indeed. Indeed.


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