A Word to the Wise


The Holy Name
I was watching the old sage yesterday as we prayed.
At each mention of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, he bowed his head in veneration.
I well remember being taught that in my earliest years, he later told me, in the days when nuns were real nuns, teaching real Catholicism.
Yes, old sage, I too remember those days.
Alas, agreed he with the same wistfulness, those days are past.
But surely such days of real Catholicism must come again?
Yes. No doubt about that. In fact the days ahead will see The Catholic Church in Her greatest purity and holiness - the light for the world.
Something to look forward to, sage.
When that time comes the world will do no less then bow its collective head at the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. Even those who would rebel.
Since then, I have chased up Scripture on this line of thought and I quote the following. Rom 14:11.
"So we read in Scripture
'As I live, says the Lord, there is no knee but shall bend before me, no tongue but shall pay homage to God' ".
'That is why God has raised him to such a height, given him that name which is greater then any other name;

so that everything in heaven and on earth and under the earth must bend the knee before the name of Jesus and every tongue must confess Jesus Christ as the Lord, dwelling in the glory of God the Father'. Phil. 2:9/10.

On being reminded of these words, the old sage remarked True words and words suited to the glorious days ahead when Catholic veneration for Christ's Name will the standard in every household, at least for a time.
Something to look forward to.


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