A Word to the Wise


The Catholic Primate of Australia, Archbishop Pell.
The old sage is NOT happy!
Archbishop Pell is a great statesman of The Catholic Church, he proclaims. What a man of courage! What a champion for Truth! What a great Australian who calls a spade a spade!
Yes indeed, old sage. Yes indeed.
And what is this nonsense that a multiple law-breaker can call the Archbishop a paedophile?! he demands to know.
What is this justice system that allows the innocent Archbishop to be attacked and ridiculed everywhere and the criminal accuser remains anonymous?!
It's not fair, old mate.
And what is this injustice where the law-breaker is not also pounced on by the media and given the usual underhand mass-media cross examination?
While the Archbishop is attacked from every side? I know what you are saying, sage.
But also, continued he, warming to this hot topic, why should the Archbishop stand aside while the nonsense is being investigated? Is he, or any other community leader, going to stand aside because unbalanced persons level accusations at them? If this were the case, every politician in Australia would have to stand aside on a regular basis!
Yes. It could become a major problem; even chaos.
This nonsense has to be stopped, he contends.
Of course it has. Anyone with a grain of common sense can see that.
Any person who comes out in public wrongly accusing any community leader of a criminal action, must face severe consequences.
Yes. Something like that needs to done quickly to snip this type of mongrel act in the bud.
Persevere in Charity
The old sage gave consideration to the real-Catholics and their impatience with the apostasy within The Church - modernism.
We need to be patient, he claims. We must persevere in love of neighbour. Our anger at the attack upon our beloved Mother, The Church, must not be allowed to interfere with our love for our enemy.
Yes, I suppose so, old sage.
We do not have to like our enemies, he instructs. But we really must love them.
And our love of neighbour should begin with true patience and understanding and consideration for those around us in our own home.
Old friend, that is good advice that some of us tend to forget. Thank-you.


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