A Word to the Wise


Something Beautiful
What is truly beautiful? asked the old sage.
Beautiful? Well, I suppose almost everything is beautiful, don't you think? Everything except sin, right?
Yes, fair enough. But tell me something that is really beautiful.
Something Christian? Something to do with God? A Priest, true to The Universal Church, is something beautiful, is he not?
That is certainly true, agreed he. But what I have in mind is the real Christian family.
Good one, old sage.
I was privileged to witness, recently, a young woman with four of her children at a weekday Mass.
This lady had three children with her and another, the altar boy! I looked at this wonderful woman and her beautiful children, (who were not always little angels, by the way) and I knew that I was looking at something really beautiful.
Yes. You can understand why the devil hates good Catholic families like that. They are the strength of the nation and of The Church.
Correct. The demonic attack is not only upon The Catholic Church, because She is the true Church of Christ, but the attack is also on the true Catholic family.
Looking at that family, it is easy to understand why!
Third Rite of Reconciliation
What did you think of the Archbishop's overview of the consultations for the 2003 synod, old sage?
I think he is trying to tread a middle path, hoping to offend no one. Generally, I felt that his Grace is moving his sheepfold back to The Shepherd.
You do?
At the Mass in Brisbane, the Priest's comments on the overview were not so good. He mentioned, with praise and satisfaction, how the church was crowded for the Third Rite!
They did get some crowds, I hear.
Yes, they did. But we have to remember two things. First, the Third Rite was a novelty and many modern 'faith communities' run after novelties. What happens when the novelty wears off?
And the second point?
Modernism is responsible for the loss of many millions of the faithful as well as huge numbers of Priests. If modernism had never existed we would have had crowded churches everywhere, and especially for the proper Rite of Reconciliation.
And now it is a 'novelty' to find crowds going to Confession, because modernism has undermined it? Skiting, at the same time, about crowds at the Third Rite?
That's what I'm saying. 


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