A Word to the Wise


Positive and Optimistic?
Many a Parish tries to put forward an attitude of optimism and a positive front, the old sage declares.
That's not the impression I get.
You are looking at the disobedience of pro post-modernists. You are not looking at the attitude they want to convey.
Because of this positive attitude they do not want to consider such matters as hell, the devil, mortal sin or any sin, for that matter.
Except the social sin of society, that is.
Yes. But that too is supposed to be positive, because it diverts the mind away from personal sin and the possibility of hell.
In maintaining this strange attitude, leaders of such Parishes are obliged to move away from the facts. They move away from Truth.
It is also a false optimism and a shallow attempt at being positive.
I was coming to that. Because they choose to look the other way about the truths of evil and the devil, they do a disservice to the Faithful. Look at the Penny Catechism that you like so much:
202. Are there less perfect reasons for contrition?
Yes: other reasons for contrition are -

the fear of hell,
the loss of heaven
and the wickedness of sin.

This sorrow is called 'imperfect contrition'.


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