A Word to the Wise


The old sage has read many Catholic magazines and newsletters. He has also read many 'Catholic' ones.
In some periodicals I often see pictures of men. On reading of their identity, I discover that they are Priests.
You are saying that these Priests can not be identified by their clothing or by any other means?
Of course. Just today I perused one magazine that came under the name of a long honoured Order of Priests and Brothers. Photographs shown were of the type I mentioned - they could not be identified as Priests unless someone told me so.
But you should be used to that non-Catholic state of affairs by now.
Unfortunately, yes. However, further on in the magazine, I noticed a story on one of the Order's Saints. Lo and behold the Saint was easily recognised as a Priest of The Church.
Yes. I see what you are getting at.
The vast difference between the unidentified Priests and the easily identified Priests was like a cultural shock - even, as you say, one gets used to this awful fact of life. However, I was led to consider the question:

Will The Church ever witness
one of these unidentifiable Priests
being raised to sainthood?

A good question indeed, old sage. I would venture the answer to be 'no'.


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