A Word to the Wise


'I will not be a party to any vilification or embarrassment of homosexuals, aborigines, refugees, asylum seekers, Muslims or those who may or may not be seeking abortion.'
This is what the modernist will say if he thinks he is talking to a real-Catholic, because, in his opinion, the real-Catholic is out of date, narrow-minded and soon to be extinguished from The Catholic Church!!
That's a sad, sad, state of delusion, old sage.
Yes. Sad for the modernist. Notice, too, how the modernist includes 'homosexuals' with other groups, totally unrelated.
Even worse, notice how the modernist points to individuals, and not to the problem - e.g. he will support 'homosexuals' intimating but not saying outright, that he supports 'homosexuality', which he is obliged not to support.
A smart move, if you want to get a false message across without actually putting it into words?
That is precisely what I am leading up to. They will not 'rail against homosexuals', as one modernist Priest emphatically stated. Unfortunately that suggests to the listener that they will not also 'rail' against the abomination that is homosexuality.
Certainly they do not rail against homosexuality or abortion. Anyway, who has asked them to 'rail against homosexuals'?
No-one has asked them to 'rail against homosexuals' or against anyone seeking abortion. However, any Christian, especially the Catholic, is obliged to stand firm in opposition to homosexuality and to abortion.
As for 'Aboriginals, Muslims' and 'refugees', of course we must reach out to them in charity and truth; not excluding homosexuals and abortionists
The modernist is a really deceptive character, old sage.
'Deception' is the name of their game - diabolical deception!
The final point is that we should also be reaching out for the modernist, as we condemn modernism.


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