Visions and Dreams


In the dream the day was normal, much like any other.
Suddenly, everything became still, quiet. It was so totally noiseless that it was impressed on the mind. It was if a storm was imminent even though the sky was cloudless.
I went outside and I noticed that other people, in the distance, were outside also, looking up towards the sky as if they, too, had felt something different.
Something changed. Perhaps a breeze came up, I'm not sure.

Then there appeared
in the sky
directly above me,
a huge white, cross,
the ribbon-like arms
of which
stretched in the four directions
of the compass
to the horizons.

An electrifying, powerful voice said You have been warned, which sent shivers throughout my body.

I knew the voice
to be God's.

Here the dream ended, but some two weeks later, another dream came to me which I am sure followed on from the first.
In the second dream, the same stillness and quietude were evident, as was the feeling that a storm was imminent yet I saw only a cloudless sky.
But, I noticed that no one else came out to check.
I walked to the back verandah of my home from which I am able to view the ocean, coastline and the lands in between the coast and my property.

Suddenly a huge,
massive tidal wave
appeared on the horizon
of the ocean,
far off.

The tidal wave came to the coastline and stopped at the beach front. It did not roll in as one would expect of any ordinary wave, but crashed down upon the coastal flat-lands and hills, right up to and above my home.

The wave was so gigantic
that the height of it
was greater
then the distance between our home
and the coastline
- some five kilometres away
as the crow flies.

Nor did the wave roll back towards the ocean, as would be expected, but instead, disappeared into the ground - absorbed instantly into the earth!
This tidal action was repeated again - exactly the same.
At the approach of the first wave, I had ran inside and felt it come down over and upon the house.
Amazingly there was almost no damage at all; yet, there was minor damage.
I returned to the verandah after the second tidal wave and actually witnessed - from that position - a third enormous tidal wave.
The third tidal wave, however, was different.

It did not crash down,
from the coastline
as before
but moved inland
from the coast
completely upright.

The base of this third wave carried the houses in the valley below before it, like the action of a super-dozer.
Instead of collapsing as did the first two waves, this third wave seemed to stop before my house and the incredible tower of water was absorbed downwards, directly into the earth. It seemed to collapse upon itself.
After the second wave, a man dressed as a tradesman came to my home and began to repair the screen door to the back verandah, and the verandah railing.
There was no conversation. He just turned up.
While the tradesman was there, I ran to the front of the house, and saw outside near the house, under a tree - three people talking.

They were completely calm
and apparently, involved
in every-day conversation.
One was smoking.

That was when I returned to the verandah and witnessed the third wave.
After the third and final wave, I noticed about twenty people from below walking towards my house.
I had the impression that no lives were lost.


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