Visions and Dreams


The White Picket Fence

There stood this huge man. He was strong and powerfully built; his frame and his great, smooth muscular body stood out as if he was sculptured.
He was shiny white.
Then there were two such men and in front of them and encircling them, was this white picket fence.
They pushed against this fence and it moved outwards in all directions. It did not seem hard to move and it moved smoothly over the surface of the ground.
The fence passed over everything in its path, easily, but left nothing behind except people.
The people that the fence passed over, and survived, stood up and became the same as the white giants. These people also began pushing the fence.
The fence spread into an ever greater circle and the number of people pushing it grew constantly.
I had the impression that the white picket fence was going to continue expanding until it had passed across the entire surface of the earth; that it would continue to be pushed by the every increasing number of white giants until every person in the world had been passed over.
This was a dream.
I felt that the white giant was a living Saint on earth and was joined by another Saint.
Both of them began spreading the Truth of The Universal Church across the entire world. They were unstoppable and recruited everyone who believed them. These recruits joined the two Saints in spreading the Truth.
I also felt that the Truth prevailed everywhere, thereafter. It seemed to me that once the 'fence' passed over any surface what remained belonged entirely to God - no evil remained anywhere.


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