Visions and Dreams


A Forecast of September Eleventh.

It was about the autumn of 1990, towards the evening. I was outside my gate. It was an evening that held for me a certain melancholy. I looked towards my right and further along the right, I saw a tall thin man in a blue-grey, long robe. He held a brazier in his left arm.
He looked at the brazier in a melancholy and contemplative way.
I did not know what was in the brazier at that time.
At that moment, suddenly, I was hovering it seemed, above the brazier itself and I could see four-fifths of the brazier. They were lit coals - one part was not lit, the part near me, the left hand side of the brazier.
Then, the tall man flipped the coals onto the earth. He did not tip out all of the coals.
It seemed to me that I then fainted or swooned - I didn't feel as if I was in my own physical presence. Then my consciousness seemed to whiz round to the west, from the north west and I heard a long, drawn-out voice which called out 'colos…'
The word that was called out wasn't finished - it was only part of a word. My consciousness went round further to the west and I could see a metal peak, a tower, with smoke all around the base.
I had a moment to ponder then. It seemed to me that the 'colos …' could have been the colosseum. It seemed to be a place that had a monument. Reflecting, at that moment, on the shape of the towers, at the top it resembled the Eiyefil tower.
The following winter, there were great bushfires in Greek and with the vision still in mind, I thought that that was what the vision referred to.
Then on September, the 11th. 2001, late that night, I witnessed the tragedy of the twin-towers.
The replays of the destruction displayed a replica of the tower I saw in the vision. At one stage the reporter mentioned that the twin-towers were the 'colossus of New York'.
Elements of the twin-tower destruction were the same as those in the vision.
I presume that there is still the one part of the 'fire' from the brazier still to come.


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