Visions and Dreams


The Missing Home

The old sage spoke previously about gigantic tidal waves - reported in this column.
One matter he did not report was his sighting of one particular home in the last valley engulfed by the monster waves.
This particular house was virtually bulldozed by the tidal wave. The house was near a dam.
However, a particular point about that house -
it does not exist.
I spoke recently to an acquaintance, old sage mentioned. This person was discussing a block of land she had purchased.
It was only when she described the valley and the dam on the land, that I became very interested. On further inquiry the lady confirmed that the purchased land was the same one I perceived in the vision!
Not only that, but the lady proposed to build a house on the very spot it was situated in the vision!
Not wanting to frighten the lady, I suggested that she build on a higher point.
However, she remains insistent on the position she had chosen.
I did not press on with that conversation, because even at the highest point on the purchased land, the tidal waves of the vision were far, far above!


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