Visions and Dreams

The Prince of The Church - Dressed in White

"I had a dream. I saw a large group of men - all men - Priests of Christ; at least they were all dressed as Princes of the Church - gathered and all were standing.
At first sight, it appeared that they were all dressed in black. On closer examination through the throng, one was completely dressed in white - from the skull cap to the cassock - and this one was in the centre of the crowd.
Suddenly, the crowd in one section started to thin out and the figure in white became more visible.
Men moved away and to the right as if leaving the figure in white and surrounding another one of their fellows. The number of men surrounding the figure in white became fewer and fewer until the group in support of him was by far in the minority. By now, he was no longer in the centre but to the left of the throng.
Then I saw a figure rising from the centre of the throng.
The figure was dressed in red and he rose above the gathering as if on a platform rising out of the ground. The majority of men in the group had completely surrounded the figure in red and all eyes were directed up at him.
The man in white remained off to the left surrounded by a handful of men and all were behind him as if in support - but all eyes were directed at the figure in red who, by now was stationary, as if suspended at a point above the ground so that his waist was at the level of the tops of the heads of the men in the gathering.
It was if he was suspended by his own power, as there was a very slight vertical fluctuation in his position, something which would not occur if some mechanical force had elevated him to that height and held him there.
I then saw a computer screen scroll through a vertical list of surnames. The scrolling stopped. While many names were visible, the name highlighted in the centre of the screen was "Weaver".

The dream ended."

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