Visions and Dreams


Thumb and Forefinger

God spoke to me once.
When He spoke, everything - everything - disappeared and the only thing in the entire universe, it seemed, was God speaking.
That I was driving along the road at the time; that it was night time, meant nothing.
Who knows how long the communication took! However, I had travelled thirty or forty kilometres when I again became conscious of my surroundings.
It was no surprise to me at all that I was still driving and that I was on the right road travelling in the right direction.
In fact I was not much astonished at all about the whole incident. It seemed so natural an occurrence.
On recall however, astonishment did set in - that God spoke to me! That the vehicle was taken care of as it happened; about the things that He said!
One thing that did catch my mind at the time was the position of my hand when I 'returned' to the motor car, and that was that I had my thumb and forefinger joined together and placed on my forehead.
That did surprise me and I reckoned that that must be important somehow, for I had no knowledge whatsoever that this happened.
Therefore, I set my mind to recall precisely where my hand was situated and precisely how my thumb and forefinger were joined. It was then that I was informed (presumedly from Heaven)
do not be concerned about such details. Merely remember that the two fingers were joined and placed on the forehead.
The reasons behind this action, I was told, are twofold:-
the positioning of the hand thus suggests a third eye, by its shape and on the forehead. This intimates a certain perception - that I can see things all the clearer - and that communication with God brings about great and wonderful insights. The suggestion is that when I pray, especially to The Eternal-father, then I might pray in that position, and in that position I might gain deeper insights and fuller contemplation;
the positioning of the fingers thus has great meaning and, for example, reminds me of the Priest after the Consecration when he holds his fingers in that way for they have been in contact with The Body of Christ and with The Cup of His Blood.


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