Visions and Dreams


I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26; I had apparently had cancer for a number of years already, since it was well advanced when diagnosed, stage five.
I was a spiritual person, but not a diligent Catholic.
I was raised as a Catholic, but my family is not fond of The Church - both parents were orphans raised by Church people with very harrowing memories of the experience.
But as a child in Africa, I developed a friendship that would forever change my life, with a missionary brother from the Comboni Missionaries, he was my mentor and I loved him dearly.
He prayed the Rosary every morning or evening, walking in the gardens, and thus when in need I turned to the Rosary myself.
I had no idea how to pray it, but I would carry it and hang onto it for comfort.
Then many years later, at the age of 28, or thereabouts, I had just gotten married and found out I had stage 5 cancer of the uterus.
My aunt, who lived in Portugal heard of my situation and went on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Fatima, there she prayed and then sent to me a beautiful pendant of the Immaculate Conception, an image very famous and common in Portugal.
When I received it I knew something special was up - I had a dream and as far as I can remember,

St. Michael was in the dream
and cut off the head of a serpent
that was wrapped around my body.

It is vague now, but it was something like that…
Anyway, I immediately started to put weight back on and my skin changed colour to a healthy glow, I also felt a lot better.
During the course of the illness, which lasted for seven years, I also had two children back to back.
After the birth of my second child, the doctors became very nervous and wanted me to have a hysterectomy - I had put off the operation, since I wanted children very badly, and took the risk to going through the pregnancies against the advise of the doctors.
After the birth of my second child (this all took about two years), the doctors insisted I do a hysterectomy. At the end of the operation, my doctor showed up in my room and asked me to pray for him. I asked him why and he said that he witnessed a miracle in the operating theatre. He is Jewish surgeon and while cutting me open me noticed that all the cancer legions previously present were much smaller and began to disappear until there were none left at all, but it was too late - he had preformed the operation, since he was not sure what to do.
He said that this was a miracle and that whomever I had prayed too, please would I pray for his soul.
A few years later, I went with my two young children to the shrine of Fatima and offered myself and my children to the Blessed Virgin, in thanks giving and praise for her love.
My mother, during my illness had a recurring dream, which she later shared with me.
In the dream she saw the Blessed Virgin holding a small baby, who she assumed was baby Jesus, then the Virgin would approach her and the baby would smile at her. At this point she realised that the baby in the Virgin's arms was me exactly as I had been as a baby. She has this dream a few times before my visit to the shrine.

I am blest and I know it…….

I did the consecration according to Saint Louis de Montfort a few years ago.
Lots of Love and Blessings to all who read my story.


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