Visions and Dreams


Once I had a home but had no car, which is really crazy in this city, which is a car city par excellence.
So, I travelled everywhere by bus.
This afforded me extra time to say my Rosary, a big bonus.
On one of my regular route's in the first year, there was a man who is best described as a bum, a very weird and at times loud bum. He travelled the buses it seemed as a way of keeping warm in the winter, but he is also very colourful and crazy, and I saw him often.
Well, one particular day I stepped onto the bus, in the early evening, with my Rosary in my hand - I was about half way through, and generally keeping a low profile.
As soon as he caught sight of me he stood up and announced to the entire bus, ""Make way, make way, our King is here. Make way". I walked down the bus trying not to draw any attention to myself, feeling odd, and not sure what he was up to.
As I passed by him he looked beyond me; directly behind me, nodded and then said to me directly

"Who are you
that the army of heaven escorts you?"

I tried to ignore his comment, trying to blend into the bus so to speak, but he kept following me saying "who are you???", and pushing others aside to make room.
I asked him to calm down, and told him I am not anyone, but I am saying the prayers of the Queen of Heaven, and showed him the Rosary in my hand.
He calmed down, and gave me a seat and then stayed quietly by my side the rest of the ride.

It was an occasion where I felt that due to my prayers of the Rosary, I must have had the holy Presence with me, and this crazy man was able to perceive what others and myself could not.
It was fairly odd and moving too.
I went home pretty sure of my secret weapon.


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