Visions and Dreams


The 'fortune-teller'

I went with a girlfriend to a fortune teller - it was meant in good fun - but it nearly destroyed my life. This woman who was a card reader, call her X, took a special interest in me, something I thought was motivated by caring and compassion for my current plight, and my struggle with a disease I then had as well as my loneliness from being so far from home.
She became my friend, and would always call me to see how I was doing etc. Eventually she began asking me for money saying that she would do special prayer to help me in my situation. At first I was somewhat flattered, but then I realized things were not as they seemed and the amount was always on the increase.
I began to refuse her requests, she became increasing aggressive and started to say that my children, who were babies at the time, would be in real danger if I did not comply. The more I refused the more the threatening was her behavior.
I told her what she was doing was blackmail and that I would report her to the police, which I did, since she would not stop.
The Police said they could not help me without evidence.
In order to collect further evidence, I decided to comply with her request for money and tape the whole incident, so I invited her to my flat - she thought I was going to give her several thousand pounds, which I had no intention of doing, but it was the only way to get her to my home.
But at the last moment my house-cleaner called and said she needed to do my house on that day because of a conflict in her own schedule - it was OK with me.
My housekeeper at the time was a Catholic lady, who was very devoted to Jesus and we had spent many an hour reading or discussing Scripture, which we both loved.
X arrived; I took her to the upper-flat . We began to talk and just as our conversation was starting to get heated, a huge scream filled the building, and I heard my housekeeper shouting my name. I explained to X that my housekeeper was downstairs and I needed to check to make sure she was not hurt. X was not pleased.
I found my housekeeper, on her knees crying out the name of Jesus and tears running down her face.
She was unable to speak for a few moments, I helped her up and led her to my bedroom, concerned for her well-being, I suggested she lie down and let me know what was wrong.
She spoke to me in Portuguese, saying she could not think in English.
This is what she told me: "The Lord Jesus was here!!! He appeared to me in person…I thought he was the Devil, but he showed me his wounds in his hands, and like Thomas I know it was the Lord!!!…
Get rid of that women says the Lord, she is a witch, just remove her from your house, he is with you, I will tell you the rest in a moment, first get rid of her"
So I went upstairs and told X she had to leave, I gave her no explanation; she became furious and started to follow me about the flat. Talking all the while about how this was wrong and how I would regret it forever if I treated her in this fashion. I assured her I meant her no harm, but I wanted her our of my home and my life…she continued to threaten me and my children.
At this point my housekeeper walked up the stairs and when she reached the upper flat she began to walk about as though blind, calling me and asking for paper towels, it was as thought she could not see where she was - it was the middle of the day, and very bright and sunny…I went and found the paper towels and gave them to her, she grabbed my hand and in Portuguese said to me, … 'do it now, she must go now'…She went back down the stairs.
I turned back to X and began to escort her by the arm to the front door, out of the door and down the path. I then told her to never call me again. She told me that many bad things would happen to me if I continued to ignore her and her work, she looked at me and I became very cold, but I said 'GOD bless you, please leave' and she finally she did.
I returned to my flat and went to the housekeeper, to she if she was all right.
She said that in her entire life, nothing like this had ever happened and what had happened was supernatural and that she needed to talk to her pastor.
She explained to me the entire event.
She had been putting away the children's toys when the Lord appeared in front of her as large as any living man - he was dressed in white. She fell to her knees and asked for proof that he was not the devil. He extended his hand and told her to feel his wounds - his hand was real and the blood was wet, she immediately knew for sure he was the Lord, and begged his forgiveness.
He told her to have no fear and to help me upstairs for this woman who was with me was a witch on the devil's mission. He explained to her that I was to do great things for him, and the devil was trying to stop me trough this woman.
He then opened his vestments and showed to her his flaming heart. Inside his heart was a little heart. He explained to her that it was my heart which He had given to me so that I might do His work, and that my heart lived in His, and that she was to assist me in getting rid of this woman before she began her intent. He then said to her to be at peace and to help me out. He then disappeared…
I was in shock, my Lord had been in my house and I missed it, that was my first reaction - rather selfish really. Then I wondered 'why me? What was I supposed to do?'
My housekeeper was still in shock from the whole event, I had to call her husband and her pastor, they both came over and we all prayed together in the room where X had been.
My housekeeper explained that when she had come upstairs the room had been filled with gray smoke, she could not see anything till I called her name and then she had seen me, I was surrounded by light and behind me was no woman but a large and ugly looking dragon-like creature that had scared her so much she grabbed the towels and ran down the stairs to pray for me that I might have strength to deal with this.
Shortly after this incident a number of really frightening events took place.
I was held up at gunpoint in the middle of the day, and robbed, my house was robbed, my marriage fell apart, I lost my home and everything I had.
I became homeless and had to live with friends.
But through it all I was healed by the blessed Virgin not only of my body but also my spiritual renewal took place with great fervor, and

I learnt to rely on GOD not on others or myself
but on my heavenly Father for all things.

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