Visions and Dreams


The Wrecked Church

In the dream I was in the church of Saint Joseph, from my old parish. It is a church with a modern floor plan, and two complete walls are all glass, the south wall and the north wall, while the church is positioned east/west with altar at the eastern point.
In the dream I was at the southern end, glass  wall behind me, and people were entering the church, many of whom were very evil and disorderly.
I complained to the priest out loud and began trying to get the evil spirited people to leave...complaining to them that this was sacred ground and that they should take their rude behaviour outside.
They laughed at me and told me to watch out or they would get me too.
I looked back in the church which was getting full of foulness.
I was with some children, and I gathered them and crept under a table in the annex of the church, hiding from the gathering hoards.
It became dark outside, and the church became louder and more foul.
Then big motorbikes came crashing through the huge glass walls, and the destruction was all around us. We stayed praying under the table, and time went by. Eventually I was inspired to creep out from under the table and take a peek.
All was pretty messed up, but the church was empty. The church was in ruin. The altar was still there and I was relieved.
I stepped outside and looked up in the sky, which was full of stars. They all started to swirl and move about the heavens until they formed (in stars) the image of our Blessed Mother. It was beautiful, and a sign that it was safe now.
End of dream, I still remember it in great detail.
I always thought that dream connected to the three days of darkness, which would be closed by a supernatural appearance of our Blessed Mother so the whole world would know that she is part, a big part of the deal in Heaven.


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