Visions and Dreams


The Tidal Wave (Again)

(The editor refers readers to the a previous vision/dream on tidal waves - from the same person who has detailed the following to him - )

My children yelled out to me
Mum. Mum. Come and look, the sea is coming in.
I ran  first to the northern side of our house and looked through the window. An ocean of swirling water, just below my home, stretched to the end of my vision!!
I then ran to our back verandah (which overlooks one hundred kilometres of coastline far down below) and I saw again the aftermath of the gigantic tidal wave - to the south - its waters went underneath the house.
The waters reached right along the hinterland.
I particularly noticed to the south that a brick home had been undermined and was collapsing down into the water.
I also noticed that the waters reached exactly to the floorboards of my verandah.
No damage to my home occurred whatsoever.
Previously I 'saw' the gigantic wave as from a frontal view (towards the east), but this time I saw it as from one side and then from another side - north and south.
It seemed to me that this 'dream' was not a separate insight but an addition to my previous 'dreams'.
In this 'vision' I did not see the waters recede!


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