A Word to the Wise

2006/210 Cannibals? 11-Jan-07

2003/171 The Old Lady and Science - The Greatness of God and His Works Ins. 13-Jun-03

2006/208 On Becoming a Catholic 13-Nov-06

2006/207 Catholic Church - a Church of Common Sense 9-Oct-06

2003/172 Our Lady's Triumph Ins. 19-Oct-03

2006/206 Can you love Mary too much? 19-Sep-06

2003/173 He who angers you, controls you Ins. 12-Dec-03

2006/205 Transforming the Parish. 31-Aug-06

2003/174 The Will of God  2-Jan-04

2006/204 Give me a Sign for These Times. 1-Aug-06

2004/175 On Suffering. Ins. 27-Jan-04

2006/203 Remain at your posy. 19-Jun-06

2004/176 Life Wasn't Meant to be Easy. Ins. 8-Mar-04

2006/202 Work Together or Wither. 23-May-06

2004/177 All This Fuss. Ins. 9-Apr-04

2006/201 Archdiocese of Brisbane needs Catholic Priests. 5-Apr-06

2004/178 Who Else is There?  4-Jun-04

2006/200 A Look at Time. 5-Mar-06

2004/179 Thou shalt love thy neighbour. Ins. 4-Jun-04

2005/199 The Old Sage. 10-Feb-06

2005/198 We can expect a period of Peace. 29-Dec-05

2004/180 Excitement!? Ins. 4-Jul-04

2005/197 The Archbishop's Prayer Campaign to the Holy Spirit. 24-Nov-05

2004/181 Parish consists of real-Catholics!? Ins. 10-Aug-04

2005/196 How do you perceive Joseph?. 21-Oct-05

2004/182 Redemptionis Liturgiam? Ins. 7-Sep-04

2005/195 The elderly lady. 30-Sep-05

2004/183 How great is The Catholic Faith? Ins. 7-Oct-04

2005/194 Roles are indispensable 7-Sep-05

2004/184 Time and space are inventions of God. Ins. 12-Nov-04

2005/193 Deserving Disobedient Priests? 18-Aug-05

2004/185 Support those in error - ridicule those in the right!!! Ins. 12-Dec-04

2005/192 Psychological

2004/186 God's Will for Me. Ins. 19-Jan-05

2005/191 Rosary - Once-a-year reminder?  17-Jun-05

2005/187 Good Friday 2005. Ins. 20-Feb-05

2005/190 Benedict XVI and the post-modernists.  15-Mayr-05

2005/188 Who's going to Heaven? Ins. 25-Mar-05

2005/189 St. Joseph Ins. 15-Apr-05

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